Event Making Histories Feb12 2016, Amsterdam

A sculpture by David Bade at The Wall

Artist David Bade sees the wall around Amsterdam’s former Navy Yard as a starting point for a new sculpture. Throughout history, walls and buildings have been adorned with decorative reliefs, depicting allegories or important moments in history, produced in an array of materials.

In collaboration with New Europeans and other participants Bade will create a sculpture in the style of a frieze during the second half of April. The sculpture will have a site-specific purpose but will aim to find a permanent location after the project.


Today’s perspectives aren’t the same as yesterday’s, nor tomorrow’s. They can change in the blink of an eye. The current tensions around Europe and its challenges, such as migration and economic crisis, say a lot about the current zeitgeist. What would a frieze of our time look like?

Through workshops and a continuous studio, David Bade collects the stories and ideas of a variety of participants (the neighbours, old and new migrants, the New Europeans team and other persons concerned) who will collectively work on the sculpture. At the end of April, the temporary and incomplete work will be frozen in time, a congelation of a moment in time, charged with lasting value.

April 11-29 at The Wall.

More information will follow soon. Interested? Drop us a note at hello@neweuropeans.org.

Top image: ‘Schuitje varen theetje drinken’, 2014, collection De Fundatie, Zwolle.