Making Histories Super Diversity Apr22 2016, Amsterdam

Get your voice across The Wall!

In the past few weeks, working with In Limbo Embassy, we had the chance to reflect on the challenges of influencing change through art strategies.

Initiated by Eindhoven Design Academy graduate, Manon van Hoeckel, In Limbo Embassy is a travelling office that aims to facilitate open discussion around immigration in the Netherlands. By repurposing a wooden trailer she has created an embassy for the undocumented: a neutral meeting place where migrants and refugees who are caught in legal limbo can adopt the role of ambassadors and represent themselves as they engage in direct interaction with citizens and explain their plight.


After the conversation, everyone feels compelled to ask: ‘What can I do?’ It’s a simple question that does not have a simple answer. Together, we decided to offer one such answer. We resorted to an old democratic practice: sending letters, signed by citizens, to the Dutch authorities pleading for this situation to be resolved and the human rights of migrants in limbo to be respected.

Even though the New Europeans work site is meters away from the place where the EU officials meet, we hold no special privileges or easy access to the other side. There is no denying that there is a brick wall between us.

And so, to get our collective voice across the wall, we designed and installed three mailboxes along Kattenburgerstraat, providing a standard letter in support of undocumented migrants that can be signed and posted on the spot. Using symbols of flight – a carrier pigeon, a plane and a sling, we tried to convey the idea of transcending barriers.

IMG_0881 IMG_0887 IMG_0894

We encourage you to take all measures possible and use all resources at hand be they blow darts, paper airplanes, or even casting a fishing rod, anything to get your message across.

You can also sign the letter at home and send us a scan ( or mail it to:

In Limbo Embassy
Wiltzanghlaan 60-211
1061 HC Amsterdam

All the signed letters will be delivered to the EU officials by the end of June.