Making Histories Super Diversity Mar24 2016, Amsterdam

Hortus Europa

In the coming months, a garden will grow along The Wall. It’s a garden where stories of Europe’s history and future are told in relation to plants, framed by an evolving garden design.

Hortus Europa is open to the public and can be found at The Wall by the main gate to Marineterrein. You will see a flat parcel of grass grow into an exhibition of plants with a story, gradually transforming into a place where you can sit, meet others and look around. Through plants and their stories, the abstract idea of Europe will become more tangible.

From big tales to small anecdotes, there will be room to share personal stories and memories connected to plants. With your help, we will cultivate and care for a subjective flora of Europe. Send us your stories or get in touch if you want to add a plant in the garden by contacting us at

Meanwhile, on our website you can read an online series dedicated to Hortus Europa:

The first 5 plants