Event Mar25 2016, Amsterdam

In Limbo

‘It’s time to stop talking about refugees and start talking with them.’ This is the guiding principle of In Limbo Embassy, a traveling embassy that represents undocumented refugees. We would like to invite you to join us at The Wall on Saturday, April 16, for a day in which we can engage with a topic that too many of us are still uninformed, undecided or unsure about.

In Limbo

Saturday, April 16
12.00 – 17.00
Kattenburgerstraat 5, Marineterrein


In Limbo Embassy

Come meet the In Limbo ambassadors and learn more about their challenges living in the current system, the application process, and their life in Europe. Use the mailboxes installed on Kattenburgerstraat to send your voice across The Wall by signing a letter in support of refugees in limbo.

Opening of Hortus Europa (13.00 – 13.30)
Hortus Europa is a garden where the stories of Europe are told through plants. We invite everyone to contribute by bringing a plant that holds a particular meaning in your culture/ region or by telling us stories about such plants, which we can later bring into the garden.

A Paper Monument (14.00 – 14.30)

Dedicated to undocumented refugees, A Paper Document is an art project initiated by Dommenique Himmelsbach de Vries. He commissioned 15 artists to realize a series of wood carving portraits of refugees, which will be printed on paper and distributed to passers-by as a way of restoring identity to a group of people who are forced to live in anonymity.

Open Classroom (15.30 – 17.00)
We will host a discussion on the topic of activist art and art-funded social initiatives that intervene when our governments stay quiet. Iskra Vuksic & Ekaterina Volkova from Designing Democracy will give a talk, followed by a short presentation and Q&A with Manon van Hoeckel and the ambassadors from In Limbo.

Tolerance Zone for Contradiction/ Gedoogzone voor Tegenspraak
Make your own protest sign or banner and install by the main gate, in plain view for all EU officials to see. As the name suggests, opposing views are welcome; they will co-exist as a sculpture for protest. Necessary materials will be provided.