Event Mar16 2016, Amsterdam

Shelter by Henk Wildschut – Opening

Shelter is a documentary photography series by Henk Wildschut that focuses ‘The Jungle’ of Calais, the refugee camp where thousands of people from Africa and the Middle East wait for a chance to cross to the United Kingdom. Wildschut has been visiting Calais since 2005, documenting the transformation of the camp from tents in the woods into a city in its own right but also its present undoing. His works are often devoid of human presence and instead focus on the makeshift shelters that refugees have managed to build with very little resources but a great deal of ingenuity. No longer a symbol of misery, the improvised structures become a sign of resilience. Hope springs eternal.

Join us for the opening on Friday, 17.30 at Kattenburgerstraat 5.


17.30 Drinks
18.00 Discussion with Henk Wildschut
18.25 Launch of Gedoogzone voor Tegenspraak / Tolerance Zone for Contradiction – an ongoing artistic intervention that will result in a sculpture for protest
18.40 Guided tour of the exhibition with the artist
19.00 (optional) Dinnertime for new Amsterdammers at Pakhuis de Zwijger

On Tuesday, March 22, five New Europeans will travel to the Jungle of Calais. We made a list of what’s most needed. Please feel free to bring:
– Winter-weather sleeping bags, blankets and roll-mats,
– Socks and underwear for both sexes,
– Hoodies and fleeces,
– Waterproof (!) coats and hiking boots/ sturdy shoes (men’s 9 & 10 =42 – 44, women’s 5.5 – 6.5 = 38 – 40),
– No-cook food like fruit and nuts,
– Hand-sanitizer, razors.