Event Jun20 2016, Amsterdam

Practices in occult EU influence

Do you feel the need to exercise greater influence on the European political process? From Monday 20th until Friday 24th, every day between 11:00 and 17:00, we will be on hand to help communicate your desires to the Goddess Europa, in whose honour we have constructed a massive statue at the entrance to the Marineterrein. With our assistance, you can make a vodou statue of a politician, put a spell on our prime minister or translate your wishes into a sigil (magickal symbol).

Following frightful reports from people in the neighbourhood of an unusually large presence of peculiar besuited men, strange happenings and a disturbing cold sensation when walking past the entrance to the Marineterrein, the New Europeans decided to explore the possible cosmic significance of the site. Our research has uncovered the presence of an ancient mystical resonance. We believe we have located the magical centre of Amsterdam.

Historical records suggest it was here that the VOC selected slaves for its hardest and dirtiest work. But before that it appears to have been used as a site for the execution of petty criminals. Further back still it appears to have been used as a site of ritual sacrifice. All these discoveries lead us to the conclusion that we have located an important site in which to magickally reshape the future of European society.