Meet the New Europeans Team

Alex Hoyos-Twomey ()

Romanian, art historian and cultural freelancer

Andreea Breazu (28)

Andreea likes paella, Fernando Pessao’s Lisbon and Show Me A Hero. She wants to nurture her civic spirit while creating plans for an everyday Europe...

Dutch architectural historian

Anna Berkhof (28)

Anna likes the islands of Oslo, her Italian friend Serena's pumpkin gnocchi and La Grande Bellezza. She explores what it means to be a European citize...

British writer, editor and researcher

Charlie Clemoes (26)

Charlie likes ratatouille, the Reumann-Hof housing complex in Vienna and Militant Care. He wants to discover new forms of of society that are taking s...

Belgian artist

Charlien Adriaenssens (27)

Charlien likes a combination of good food and good people, and Baudelaire’s Le Spleen de Paris. She wants to work on the Europe of tomorrow by playi...

Dutch conceptual artist and social designer

Domenique Himmelsbach de Vries (32)

Domenique likes Bosnia, Polish Pierogi and The Salt of the Earth. He wants to provoke people to approach social themes from other perspectives.

British/Italian artist and filmmaker

Elisa Grasso (27)

Elisa likes the movie Eros + Massacre, pizza Margherita with mushrooms and London. She is interested in identity and a sense of belonging in an increa...

A test Site for everyday Life

New Europeans (1)

Italian designer and researcher

Paolo Patelli (31)

Paolo likes globally abused pizza, the Bosporus and the last Venice art biennial. He wants to provoke social imagination and active European citizensh...

Dutch anthropologist and journalist

Tessa de Vries (30)

Tessa likes Cadaques, kroket, and radio documentaries. She wants to explore Europe through personal stories.

Dutch writer, activist and event producer

Devika Partiman (27)

Devika likes movies, mountains and social movements. She wants to contribute to a Europe that embraces human diversity.

Danish designer

Freja Kir (26)

Freja likes Copenhagen, Italian food and Douglas Copeland’s latest exhibition at Witte de With. She wants to open up new ideas about Europe and inv...

Austrian designer

Stefan Auberg (31)

Stefan likes Brussels, Weisswurst with Brezel and mustard, and Knausgaard’s My Struggle. He focuses on society as a human organism, not a term.

Dutch/Tunesian artist and designer

Waèl el Allouche (25)

Waèl likes stamppot and Amin Maalouf’s Samarkand. He wants to gain a better understanding of the European Union and develop an activist mentality.