'Do you feel the need to exercise greater influence on the European political process?'

Week 25 OF 26
Making Histories Super Diversity Jun21 2016, Amsterdam

Can a house fit in a hut? Or the other way around

On the differences between a House and a Hut. Including an interview with Taja Vovk van Gaal, the Academic Project Leader of the House of European History.

Event Jun20 2016, Amsterdam

Practices in occult EU influence

We have located an important site in which to magickally reshape the future of European society.

Blog Deeply Emotional Making Histories Playtime Jun16 2016, Amsterdam

Hortus Europa: The final plants

Last week we’ve planted the last plants in Hortus Europa. Learn more about their stories.

Making Histories Super Diversity Jun13 2016, Amsterdam

The Hut of European Identity: some context

What is Europe? If consensus is shallow – and honestly: unlikely – what happens if we embrace our deepest, essential quality instead? Can we say at this point that said quality is discursiveness? Can we search for the roots of a European identity in a myriad of conflicts and struggles?

Event Jun11 2016, Amsterdam

The End of New Europeans

Join us for our final exhibition and the closing event of New Europeans at The Wall! From June 24, till June 26.