Hans Aarsman Hans Aarsman (64) Hans is a creative data-analist.

Hans Aarsman on the Pope washing Refugees’ feet

Your feet Pope Francis washes the feet of migrants, Castelnuevo di Porto refugee center, Rome, 24 March 2016, photo Epa / handout Ossevatore Romano

Hans Aarsman on Neanderthals

A bit of a shock The genetic lines of the Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens did cross three times, Neanderthal Museum in Krapina, Croatia, 18 March 2016, photo Nikola Solic / Reuters

, Kiev

Hans Aarsman on the Alfa Bank

Secretary of the year Anti Russian militia destroys office of the Alfa bank. Kiev, Ukraine, 20 February 2016, Photo Efrem / Lukatsky

Hans Aarsman on teargas in the parliament of Kosovo

Chemical toilet A cloud of teargas interrupts a voting session in the parliament of Kosovo. Pristina, 19 February 2016, photo Armend Nimani

, Paris

Hans Aarsman on the former French minister leaving court

Jerome Cahuzac, former French budget minister, leaves court after the first day of trial in his tax fraud case.

, Calais

Hans Aarsman on the Calais Jungle

Poetry The Sudanese neighbourhood in the Calais Jungle, France, 14 January 2016, Photo: Maximilian Clarke / Demotix

16-02-2016, Paris

Hans Aarsman on Ahmed Merabet

One year later Plaque unveiled at Boulevard Richard Lenoir in honour of policeman Ahmed Merabet, killed by gunfire during the attack on Charlie Hebdo, Paris, 5 January 2016, photo Benoit Tessier / AFP

04 February 2016, London

Hans Aarsman on Thatcher’s Wardrobe

Every week Hans Aarsman applies his detective-like analyses to a press photo for the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant. These months, he will inspect European press photos and kindly share his observations with us.