Playtime Jun27 2016, Amsterdam

The End of New Europeans – In Pictures

Last weekend, we hosted our closing event and final exhibition at The Wall.

The last showcase included projects like Souvenirs – a video series dedicated to the keepsakes that inform our identity and heritage, Hut of European Identity – exploring the history of Europe as a collection of objects, Goddess Europa – a sacrificial ground where through prayers we have tried to establish contact with the otherwise unreachable EU officials, as well as our publication Is this what you *really* want? and several other projects.

The day of the opening coincided with the results of the EU membership referendum held by the United Kingdom. With the younger generation (ages 18-24) voting to remain (73%), the name of our last event gained new meaning: The End of New Europeans.

Below, some images from that day.
















Photos shot by Jessie Yingying Gong.