Paolo Patelli Paolo Patelli (31) Paolo likes globally abused pizza, the Bosporus and the last Venice art biennial. He wants to provoke social imagination and active European citizenship.

Can a house fit in a hut? Or the other way around

On the differences between a House and a Hut. Including an interview with Taja Vovk van Gaal, the Academic Project Leader of the House of European History.

The Hut of European Identity: some context

What is Europe? If consensus is shallow – and honestly: unlikely – what happens if we embrace our deepest, essential quality instead? Can we say at this point that said quality is discursiveness? Can we search for the roots of a European identity in a myriad of conflicts and struggles?

World War Two Today: An Interview with Roger Cremers

Several candidates from the past compete today in the construction of the narratives necessary to make sense of our present and future, and the way this happens affects our everyday life. We talked with Rogers Cremers about World War II Today.


In which we ask the question, is it possible for Europe to speak one language?

23 February 2016, Amsterdam

Umberto Eco: “A sexual revolution can make us all ‘European’”

Paolo explains Umberto Eco’s vision of how to create a collective European identity