Deeply Emotional Event Making Histories Value for Money Feb24 2016, Amsterdam

Vote for our next artistic intervention

Friday 26 February, 17.00h.

What art project should New European Domenique Himmelsbach de Vries work on next?

At this very moment European leaders are sat behind imposing walls deciding upon the future of Europe. To many of us it feels like we have virtually no influence on this process. New European Domenique Himmelsbach de Vries will do things differently. As an act of rebellion he will open up his process by inviting everybody to a democratic and public voting session on the 26th of February to decide on the next artistic intervention he will work on!

There are currently four projects you can vote for:

1 – Customize Europe

Europe is an abstract concept, which is difficult to grasp. Although the EU tries to involve its citizens through symbols, artifacts and common rights, most of the time it fails to do so. This project aims at customizing European artifacts to your personal needs in order to re-establish a direct connection with the EU that we are all part of. We will organize a workshop and build a machine to customize euro’s with your own designs.

2 – The Ultra Common Enemy

Europe can define itself by creating a so-called other. This other, or common enemy would give us a sense of unity, but would also be the cause of many problems on this planet. By organizing lectures and workshops to explore the concept of identity and the process of othering, this project aims to define in an artistic way a new common enemy outside this world: the ultra common enemy. This ultra common enemy promotes world peace and unity.

3 – Euroshopper Cafe

As a celebration of our consumer society, we will set up a temporary cafe in the red-white style of the Euroshopper brand: red chairs, white tables, and everything available will feature the iconic, almost communist Euroshopper logo. In this cafe we will only serve Euroshopper food and drinks. Come and have a drink with us!

4 – A Pluriform Monument for the Future of Europe

This monument invites supporters, opponents and anyone else who feels like it to place statements about the future of Europe along the wall. Different building materials, paint, markers and many other tools will be available to donate your own statement. In the end this will consist of a diverse collection of European thoughts combined together in a monument for an inclusive Europe. This monument will act as a tool to give as much people as possible a stage to speak to passersby and the officials meeting behind the wall.

Come to our public voting session, or send an e-mail with your choice to info[et]himmelsbach[dot]nl.

26th of February, next to Kattenburgerstraat nr. 5 (see sign New Europeans)

17.00 – 17.30: presentation by Domenique Himmelsbach de Vries
17.30 – 17.45: Q & A
17.45 – 18.00: public voting & result
18.00 – onwards: drinks