Anna Berkhof Anna Berkhof (28) Anna likes the islands of Oslo, her Italian friend Serena's pumpkin gnocchi and La Grande Bellezza. She explores what it means to be a European citizen.

Hortus Europa: The final plants

Last week we’ve planted the last plants in Hortus Europa. Learn more about their stories.

New plants, new stories

This week we received the first personal stories about plants from visitors and admirers of Hortus Europa.

The first 5 plants

Last week we planted the first plants in Hortus Europa. While the plants grow in the garden, you will find the stories that accompany them here on our website. In what ways do we, as Europeans, relate to nature? In an attempt to find an answer I will collect different stories about nature: myths and […]

Hortus Europa

In the coming months, a garden will grow along The Wall. It’s a garden where stories of Europe’s history and future are told in relation to plants, framed by an evolving garden design.

2 March, Amsterdam

Open Classroom #3: Babel

Event on 2 March 17.00-19.00u The third open classroom is about developing a common language for Europe.

03 february 2016, Lesbos/Amsterdam

All that glitters is not gold

One thing that remained with me after the open classroom with Professor Russell Foster was what he said about how Europe is searching for a new ‘other’ to juxtapose its identity against.